Racquet Stringing & Services In-Store Demo Program

• Performed by our USRSA Certified Stringers on Gamma electronic stringing machines which are calibrated daily.

• Labour charge for string installation: $22.00 

• Customers are welcome to bring their own string or choose from Canada’s widest selection.

• Same day service is available whenever possible.

• Grommet installation: $10.00 plus the cost of the grommet.

• Grip Enlargement (Full 1/8" Sleeve or Half 1/16" Sleeve): $12.00 (includes labour and materials)

• Grip Installation: free with grip purchase.

• Racquet Weight and Balance Services: $65.00

• Racquet Customization (Per Racquet): $40.00

• Racquet Spec Analysis (10 Racquets - Weigh/Balance/Swing Weight): $50.00

• Tennis Ball Re-Pressurizing services: $0.24/Ball (Min. 75)

• $10.00 deposit per demo.

• Demos available for tennis, pickleball, squash, and badminton.

• Demo racquets are due back after 5 days.

• All $10.00 demo deposits become a credit on the customer’s account and can be applied towards a racquet purchase only. No expiration on demo credits.

• A credit card imprint is required for the full value of the racquets demoed.