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Kollectaball Mini Tennis/Pickleball Ball Pick Up / Collector

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Collecting tennis balls has never been easier thanks to the Kollectaball series. The Kollectaball Mini is the fastest portable ball collector and is easy and fun to use.  It can pick up to 40 balls in seconds and can easily be emptied into a ball cart or machine. The unit comes with a stand plus a convenient hook so that it can be stored on the court fence and out of the way. The Kollectaball Mini comes flat-packed for easy shipping and requires a one-time assembly which takes approximately 30 minutes. Video assembly instructions below. Click HERE to download a step-by-step assembly instructional manual.

  • Holds up to 40 tennis balls
  • Works for tennis, pickleball, padel tennis, and table tennis balls
  • Works on all surfaces (hard courts, clay courts, and grass courts)
  • Built to last, wires have been tested for 10,000 hours without breaking
  • Tennis and pickleball balls sold separately

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