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  • Welcome Readers

    Welcome Readers

    Hey everyone, and welcome to the PickleballGuys blog, #keepitPG. What exactly does “keepitPG mean”? PG (PickleballGuys) is a branch of RG (RacquetGuys). The owner of RacquetGuys has worked over two decades to build the RG Family and as the business has grown RacquetGuys has expanded to SquashGuys, BadmintonGuys and just a couple of years ago embraced PickleballGuys as a part of the family. #keepitPG encompasses our company and all levels of the sport. We’re interested in everything surrounding the sport including the development of pickleball; beginner, competitive and professional playing levels; gear and equipment. In our blog, you will find shared experiences and stories, product knowledge tips, and expertise...

  • This Week Would Have Been the USA National Championships

    This Week Would Have Been the USA National Championships

    Indian Wells Tennis Garden in California is home to the PNB Paribas Open tennis tournament and for the past two years has also been home to the USA Pickleball National Championships. USA Pickleball - formerly USAPA - signed a 4 year contract with the facility to host the National Championships on the PNB Paribas tournament grounds. 2020 and 2021 would have completed the 4 year contract. 




    I’ve been extremely fortunate to have attended the inaugural year in 2018 and last year’s event, and although it was cancelled for good reason this year, I’m so sad it’s not happening. This week I should have been there...

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