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  • Review: K-Swiss Express Light Pickleball Shoe

    Review: K-Swiss Express Light Pickleball Shoe



    The K-Swiss Express Light is the brand's first dedicated pickleball shoe and while the majority of players are still wearing court shoes designed for other sports - like tennis and volleyball - as this sport continues to grow larger, the demand for pickleball-specific equipment is increasing. So, the big question here is: how do these shoes perform on a pickleball court?


    Arch Support 7.5/10

    The arch in this shoe is moderate which will appeal to a wide range of players. Our tester Sara says “I have a high arch and usually wear a shoe with a higher arch and yet the support of the Express Light felt really good on...

  • Adding Lead Tape to your Paddle

    Adding Lead Tape to your Paddle

    Lead tape is a great way to customize your pickleball paddle. These days there are many pro players who use lead tape to not only add weight but to also shift the weight balance point on their paddle and ultimately change (often increasing) the swing speed of their strokes. The additional weight from the lead tape will also increase the power behind their shots. 

    This paddle started at 7.6 oz and after lead and protective tape it now weighs 7.74 oz

    A PickleballGuys customer came into our store requesting we customize the paddle for her. She uses a popular paddle but is finding that it's too light. Usually, a lighter paddle is meant to provide exceptional control of the...

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