Wilson Clash v1 vs. Clash v2: A Deep Dive for Discerning Players

Written by: Mike Lee



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Wilson's Clash series has taken the tennis world by storm, lauded for its innovative blend of comfort and power. However, with the recent release of the Clash v2, players face a new dilemma: Which Clash reigns supreme?

This in-depth comparison delves into the key differences between the Wilson Clash v1 and v2, helping you make an informed decision based on your playing style and preferences.

Wilson Clash v1 vs. Clash v2 Technical Specifications:

Feature Wilson Clash v1 Wilson Clash v2
Head Size 100 sq in 100 sq in
Length 27.25 in (69.2 cm) 27.25 in (69.2 cm)
Weight (unstrung) 295 g 295 g
Balance (unstrung) 320 mm 320 mm
Stiffness (RA) 55 57
String Pattern 16x19 16x19

A Closer Look:

1. Feel and Flexibility:

  1. Clash v1: Known for its exceptional comfort with a plush and flexible feel. This translates to arm-friendliness and a larger sweet spot, ideal for players prioritizing comfort and forgiveness.
  2. Clash v2: Introduces the FortyFive° Carbon layup technology, resulting in a slightly firmer and more responsive feel compared to the v1. This change offers enhanced stability and improved power potential, particularly for aggressive baseliners.

2. Stability and Power:

  1. Clash v1: While offering excellent comfort, the v1 could feel slightly mushy on powerful strokes, especially for players lacking technique or generating significant swing speed.
  1. Clash v2: The increased stability of the v2 translates to better power transfer, particularly on full swings. This makes the v2 more suitable for players seeking a powerful racket without compromising comfort.

3. Playing Style Compatibility:

  1. Clash v1: Ideal for baseliners and defensive players who prioritize comfort, arm-friendliness, and control. It can also benefit beginners and intermediate players seeking a forgiving and confidence-boosting racket.
  2. Clash v2: A better fit for aggressive baseliners and all-court players seeking a blend of comfort, power, and stability. Its firmer feel and improved power potential cater to players with stronger technique and desire for offensive prowess.

4. Other Considerations:

  1. String Choice: Both rackets benefit from soft or multifilament strings to enhance comfort and feel. However, advanced players may experiment with polyester strings to unlock the v2's full power potential.
  2. Personal Preference: Ultimately, the best way to choose is through demoing both rackets. This allows you to experience their feel, performance, and suitability for your playing style firsthand.

Wilson Clash v1 - RacquetGuys

Who Should Choose the Clash v1?

  1. Players prioritizing comfort and arm-friendliness
  2. Baseliners and defensive players
  3. Beginners and intermediate players
  4. Those seeking a forgiving and confidence-boosting racket

Wilson Clash v2 - RacquetGuys

Who Should Choose the Clash v2?

  1. Players seeking a blend of comfort, power, and stability
  2. Aggressive baseliners and all-court players
  3. Players with stronger technique and desire for offensive play
  4. Those interested in a more modern and responsive feel


Both Wilson Clash models offer unique advantages. The v1 emphasizes comfort and forgiveness, while the v2 prioritizes stability and power potential.

By understanding your playing style, preferences, and budget, you can confidently choose the Wilson Clash that unlocks your full potential on the court.

Remember, demoing both rackets is crucial for an informed decision.

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