Welcome Readers

Welcome Readers

Hey everyone, and welcome to the PickleballGuys blog, #keepitPG. What exactly does “keepitPG mean”? PG (PickleballGuys) is a branch of RG (RacquetGuys). The owner of RacquetGuys has worked over two decades to build the RG Family and as the business has grown RacquetGuys has expanded to SquashGuys, BadmintonGuys and just a couple of years ago embraced PickleballGuys as a part of the family. #keepitPG encompasses our company and all levels of the sport. We’re interested in everything surrounding the sport including the development of pickleball; beginner, competitive and professional playing levels; gear and equipment. In our blog, you will find shared experiences and stories, product knowledge tips, and expertise related to this fun and addictive sport.

My name is Sara, and I began participating in pickleball in late 2016. I discovered pickleball at a local community centre and immediately introduced the game into my workplace, which at the time was a private racquet club. The story goes - as it does for many of us - I was instantly hooked and couldn’t stop playing, which eventually led me to enter tournaments.

My first tournament was the Ontario Provincial Championships and the category I entered was Mixed Doubles 3.5. My partner and I took bronze and caught the tournament bug. So we fundraised to get ourselves to the US Open in the pickleball capital of the world, Naples, Florida. There, we fought for bronze in 4.0 19+ and brought back home a berth of knowledge and memories, along with a medal. I also achieved silver in women’s singles 4.5+5.0 19+ at that tournament. Since then, I’ve participated in over 25 tournaments including the last two USA Pickleball National Championships at Indian Wells and have become a certified coach through PPR (Professional Pickleball Registry). I’m happy and very fortunate to say that I have a career in pickleball.

So, the #keepitPG blog is a first for me. While I’m comfortable talking about pickleball - trust me, I’ll talk pickleball until your ears fall off - there is something vulnerable about leaving your own words and thoughts on a web page for the world to read. However, the hope is that within the wide variety of content that I plan to share through this platform, I’m able to strike a connection with each and every one of you.

I’ll be posting one article bi-weekly, typically on a Wednesday, ‘cause you know.. #humpday #keepitPG.. it just works. At the end of each article, there is a comment section for you to leave your thoughts and share your own experiences. In the effort of growing the PG family and pickleball as a sport, I encourage you to share the blog with your friends and family and feel free to follow us on Facebook and Instagram. 




  • Posted on by Wendy Wu

    Thanks Sara for your effort in promoting Pickleball. Special thanks for you to come and talk to Probus Club of North York members about Pickleball paddles. You are helping us to get more people interested in playing Pickleballs… We certainly hope we get to play as a group soon.

  • Posted on by Megan Lewis

    Look forward to keeping up with the content!!

  • Posted on by Sarah Ward-Macks

    Hi Sara. Enjoyed your 1st blog. Keep them coming!

  • Posted on by Larry Shulman

    Hi Sara. Great initiative. Looking forward to your blogs ;-)

  • Posted on by Peter Sennett

    Good start Sara. My thoughts as well Chuck re PO weekly/month blog. We need content providers and Sara will do a terrific job.


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