A revolutionary technology that makes Clash the world’s first racket intentionally engineered to bend with any swing style. Both traditional, horizontal strokes and modern, vertical ones are enhanced through proprietary carbon mapping, allowing players to swing freely and confidently with maximum ball pocketing and ultimate control.

Unique frame geometry, designed through digital simulation, provides best-in-class stability and power for the most flexible frame in tennis.*

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"I thought the Clash was unlike any other racquet I've never played with a racquet that has that much power. It's the controllable power that makes this racquet so unique. When you make contact with the ball it's just something completely different that I've never experienced before in another racquet."

Liam Draxl

World Junior Ranking #18

Current Racquet: Wilson Ultra 100 Countervail

“I was extremely impressed! The Wilson Clash did everything it's suppose to, fantastic from every part of the court... it felt very crisp on volleys, excellent control and feel but it still seemed like there was power when you needed it.”

Troy Russell

Playtester - RacquetGuys

Current Racquet: HEAD Graphene XT Prestige Pro

“I really enjoyed hitting with the Clash. Even though it was light, it felt substantial; perhaps it was the meaty hollow throat. It reminded me of the first time I tried the Wilson Hammer technology many years ago. Light but powerful. It even looks cool. Bottom line, the Clash rocks (the Casbah).”

Peter Bedard

Canadian Doubles Champion

Current Racquet: Wilson Blade 98 (16x19) Countervail

“The Wilson Clash feels like it has a very big sweet spot that's confidence inspiring and lets you crush the ball. It felt like it had plenty of power and stability even though it is lighter than my Wilson Pro Staff RF97 Autograph.”

Brian Patterson

Playtester - RacquetGuys

Current Racquet: Wilson Pro Staff RF97 Autograph

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