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Lobster The Pickle 2 Pickleball Ball Machine


The Lobster Pickleball Machine - The PIckle 2 - is an upgrade from the original Pickle machine.  This version offers two important upgrades, with the first being the addition of two line oscillation. If used in a group, it allows for two lines of feeding and if used alone, makes you run from end to end improving fitness and practicing shots on the run. The second upgrade is battery life - the Pickle Two has a 6 to 8 hour court time, compared to 2-4 hours with the original Pickle machine. It's a fabulous machine for players and coaches looking to improve their skills and get an edge in competition. The Pickle is a ball machine that can launch pickleball balls up to 60 mph and can provide both heavy top or backspin to get you ready for the next opponent. The maximum capacity is for 135 balls and has a four hour charge so you can work on your dink, dive, lob and groundstrokes. The Pickle allows you to set a random oscillation to provide you with a more dynamic and realistic workout that lets you improve footwork as well as your paddle skills. Great for both indoor and outdoor balls, The Pickle Two is a must for any players or coaches that want to take their game to the next level.

Lobster The Pickle 2 Pickleball Ball Machine Details:

  • Oscillation: Random Horizontal, 2 line
  • Speed: 10 - 60 mph
  • Feed Rate: 2 - 12 seconds
  • Spin: Top / Back
  • Elevation: Manual (0 - 50 degrees)
  • Ball Capacity: 135
  • Remote: 2-Function Remote (Optional)
  • Power: Battery (AC/DC Optional)
  • Remote: not included, optional (elite remote, elite 10, elite 10 for Apple)
  • Court Time: 6-8 hours
  • Product Code: EL0P2

Lobster The Pickle 2 Pickleball Ball Machine User Manual:

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Lobster The Pickle 2 Pickleball Ball Machine