Tips on Building a Court in Your Backyard

Tips on Building a Court in Your Backyard

The very first pickleball court was a modified backyard badminton court on Bainbridge Island, WA in 1965. These days, there is a lack of facilities and a growing demand for players, so people are choosing to build a pickleball court on their own property. Which, is the greatest thing ever and probably makes them the envy of all of their friends. If you have space in your backyard (or driveway!) to build a court and have considered the idea, we have a few tips for you to think through:

  • Standard court dimensions are 20ft x 44ft but according to USAPA the minimum recommended dimensions are 30ft x 60ft, and the most recommended size is 34ft x 64ft.
  • Lines should be 2 inches in thickness and typically are white and textured, however, according to USAPA, the baseline can be up to 4 inches in width.
  • Consider the court orientation in relation to the sun because a court oriented north-south will best avoid sun and glare in your eyes for the majority of the day.
  • Be sure to research and decide on these aspects prior to breaking ground: surface type, drainage, fencing options, gate width, windscreens, lighting, seating, and shade.
  • Are there any noise restrictions in your neighbourhood or community?
  • Consider the options between a permanent net system versus portable nets. If you live in an area that has four seasons, permanent nets can be protected during the winter with plastic sleeves.
  • Surface colour: the easiest option is one colour, but consider a contrasting colour for out of bounds area and the non-volley zone (kitchen area).
  • Select a contractor with experience in building tennis and/or pickleball courts and who understands the various types of court drainage patterns.
  • Be sure they are knowledgeable in various court surface material and can guide you towards a surface that works well for your needs.
  • Hardcourt surfaces require maintenance and repair work every few years. Do your research on how to take care of your court to increase longevity. 

Pickleball Courts

PickleballGuys carries a wide selection of pickleball court equipment that is  perfectly suited for your personal - or any - pickleball court:

  • Permanent pickleball posts, protective sleeves, and pickleball net
  • Portable pickleball nets
  • The Pickle by Lobster pickleball ball machine
  • Kollectaball 
  • Squeegees to clean that court after a summer rainfall
  • Ball carts and hoppers
  • A variety of outdoor balls

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