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Green Tennis Machine 400 Tennis Ball Repressurizer

Made by reBounces, the Green Tennis Machine (GTM) is the ultimate tennis ball re-pressurizer. With a capacity for 400 tennis balls, this machine puts new life into your used tennis balls so you can save money and get consistency from practice sessions. To operate the GTM simply load the balls, pressurize thee balls with inert and safe CO2 gas, and in 3 days the balls are newly pressurized and ready for the courts. Ideal for clubs and tennis schools, this machine has become popular across the United States (including the USTA National Tennis Centre at Flushing Meadows) because it saves money and reduces the number of tennis balls in landfills. Many clubs across North America have made the conversion to using the GTM because it has reduced their tennis ball budget dramatically (to $0 in many cases) Clubs set up recycling programs for members to drop off their used tennis balls which then get re-pressurized by the GTM and used in practice/training sessions. This benefits the players and coaches because the tennis balls being used are more consistent because they get sorted for "dead balls." Purchasing a GTM can help to take your club/tennis school to a whole new level thanks to the consistency and savings that you will benefit from. If your club purchases a minimum of 30 cases per year, the GTM will be paid for within three years (however most clubs purchase more than 30 cases per year). See testimonials from across Canada below.

Green Tennis Machine's are not eligible for free shipping. Please feel free to call or email our Customer Service Team if you have any questions about the Green Tennis Machine (1-888-589-6888 or info@racquetguys.com). 


Canadian Testimonials:

The GTM is great and has revolutionized our whole tennis ball program!

Tony Roth

Tennis Director, Ottawa Athletic Club


I am a believer! When the GTM ball reviver came to the Badminton & Racquet Club, I was skeptical. Re-pressurize a tennis ball? Take a dead tennis ball and bring it back to life?  Are you kidding me?  But after cooking several batches of balls in the GTM I am a believer. My ball hoppers are full of good tennis balls and I can reuse all the compression balls for the juniors. I have even been helping my colleagues out by re-pressurizing some of their balls. Every club should have one!

Tom Kern

Director of Tennis, Badminton & Racquet Club



Our GTM 150 works well and allows us to cut down on new ball purchases and be more ‘green’”.

Wayne Elderton

Tennis Director, Grant Connell Tennis Centre


The machine has been fantastic up to this point.  I have had no problems and it has been great!  I have cycled the balls through a couple of times now and was happy with the results.  Very happy. Thank you.”

Henry Choi

Head Pro, Richmond Country Club

ITF Professional Player

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Green Tennis Machine 400 Tennis Ball Repressurizer
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